I Stand At The Door

Episode 37: Blood, Freedom, Salvation - The Opportunity to Choose Right

July 04, 2021 Hayden Paul Season 1 Episode 37
I Stand At The Door
Episode 37: Blood, Freedom, Salvation - The Opportunity to Choose Right
Show Notes

I wrote this poem in Marine Corps Boot Camp. 

I was deeply touched on the first Sunday as we stood at attention by our footlockers while my Drill Instructor read off the times and places of the different religious services. 

I fought, to no avail, to keep the tears from streaming down my face as I contemplated the significance of that moment. 

Our near peer adversary, China, is seeking to destroy diversity of thought and belief. Currently, pictures of Christ are being burned and replaced with pictures of the Chinese supreme ruler, and 350 concentration camps are filled with 1-3 million Uyghur Muslims who are being “re-educated.”

The fact that we can believe whatever we want, especially while serving in the armed forces, is not only a right, but a privilege. 

I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I love the United States Constitution, and I love being a Marine. 

Enjoy the poem.


What good is His Gospel if it can’t be read?

What good is His word if it can’t be said?

The Bread of Life hidden by the tyrant’s hand;

Thus, a covenant people need a covenant land.

Remember, the blood of thousands established this free nation,

So that the blood of One may bring salvation.

One nation under God radiates an abundance of light,

But only the naive would say that we have finished the fight.

For the fallen star seeks to pull down the rest,

As he stirs up the hearts of armies and navies and false priests who oppress.

With the Lord on our side, the war can only be won,

Yet, we need more righteous men and women to get the job done.

Now, who has the courage to answer the call?

For it is the sacrifices of a few that bring freedom for all.